Massai Agricultural Services S.A. produces seeds, fruits, vegetables and provides farm services in both national and international markets

We own more than 700 hectares and 2 process manufacturing plants spread along our national territory. Our quality standard is about to satisfy the most demanding requirements of our clients, with the most high performance and efficiency. All that aims to accomplish their expectations and be recognized as the best quality and excellence suppliers.

Our company is absolutely committed with the development of the district, not just in farming category, but also in the education of our people.


In Massai believe that innovate is the only tool that allows us to adapt to the constant changes that we live. We are committed in promoting innovations Bottom-up, looking to expand the quantity of proposal to resolve the challenges from our own workers.

In Massai we define, generate cultural changes to company level, to increase the sense of belonging of the team of collaborators, through the key communication from day to day of Massai, aligning our company not just to being more efficient and productive, also to increase the creativity and support the innovation capabilities of our people, adding value to Massai.

We count with the department of I+D which one plan, organizes and manages both tests for the different productive areas of Massai, environmental management and others intern initiatives for innovate in the way that we do the things and collaboration with other institutions. In the constant search of new alternatives, Massai has experimental fields in different zones of the country what bring us different terms edaphoclimatic for the big gamma of crops that we work.

The "will to power" is that force RESTING IN OUR INTERIOR TO ACHIEVE WHAT WE WANT. It is an expansive force and vigorous that impels us to become better people and never give up.

Sergio Massai Drago